Two Pseudoproblems in Philosophy of Time

True Figures

The Miracle of Beings and Properties

Self-Reference in New Criticism and Deconstruction

Truth, Metaphor, and Indeterminability

Relative Essentialism

Use and Mention

Truthmaker Problems

“Prima Facie” Necessity

Plato and Regress Arguments

Plato, Cappelen and Lepore on Comparative Adjectives

Modality Without Possible Worlds

Modal Realism Solves the Problem of Evil

Luddism Reappraised

Innocuous Epistemicism as a Solution to the Sorites

Kant’s Groundwork, Self-Undermining, and “Ought”-Sentences

Guns and Violence

Davidson as Derridean: Analytic Philosophy as Deconstruction

A Davidsonian Semantics for Comparative Adjectives

A Rabbinic Conception of Language

Are There Any De Re Necessities

Innocuous Dualism: Events and Mental Events

Why Truthmakers are Useless